What You Need to Know Before Filing a Collision Claim in Hooksett, NH

Many drivers in Hooksett, NH may wonder about reporting even minor damages to the insurance company. If it’s something that requires minimal cost, you may be better off just paying for the collision repairs yourself, right? Well, not necessarily. You need to find out the consequences of doing so first.

Accident Reporting

If someone has been seriously injured in a vehicle accident, then the police should be notified. There could be criminal behavior involved. Also, when there is extensive damage to vehicles, there should be a police report filed. But it can become grey area if it was a simple fender bender or you simply found someone dented your car door. It can be tempting to just take that $200 from the guy who damaged your bumper and call it even. But if you read the fine print on your insurance, you are required to report all accidents. This is because the other driver can file a claim and say you fled the scene. Now it’s looks like it’s your fault, even though you made a deal on the side.

You Don’t Have to Go Through with a Claim

You can report damage on your vehicle to the insurance company, but you do not have to follow through on the claim. In order to keep your insurance costs down, you may simply choose to have minor auto painting or collision repairs paid for by yourself. Depending on the type of insurance you have, small damages to your vehicle may not even impact your insurance rates.

Your Collision Repair May Be More Costly Than Expected

Most people don’t understand how much collision repairs really cost. If you neglect to report a minor accident to your insurance company then a month later decide to get a quote from NCA Auto Body in Hooksett, NH, you’re going to be responsible for the collision repairs, no matter their cost.

As soon as you see collision damage on your vehicle you’ll want to give NCA Auto Body a call so we can provide you with an accurate quote. This can help you to decide if it’s worth calling your insurance company to report your car’s minor damage, or not.

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